Grammar for Business In-depth Content Audit

Do you believe your website is…

engaging your audience?

getting regular, organic traffic?

converting site visitors to clients?

working for you to increase your authority, reach and profits?

Grammar for Business Content Audit do you believe

If you know your website struggles to achieve all of those things, but you’re not sure why, I’m here to help with my in-depth content audit services.

Although a content audit is time-consuming and takes many hours, it is extremely worthwhile because it helps to unravel weak points and to see where improvements can be made.  Having it done by me (a third-party) is beneficial because my opinion is unbiased, and I can evaluate the site from an expert viewpoint.

Grammar for Business Content Audit What we check

What will I check for?

I’ll check for readability, tone and style.  I’ll clear out clutter, get rid of tired and tatty content and see where the rest can be polished.

You’ll get an executive summary of the overall conclusions and recommendations of what changes are needed and their order of urgency.  

There will be a description of each section and individual suggestions.  It is much more than an inventory, which is a listing of the content, because an audit will assess the content.

When should an audit be made?

An audit is essential if you are rebranding or are planning a new website, and also as an annual update to determine what you need, moving forward.

You need to know what you have and don’t have, and to identify duplicate content.  Sometimes rearranging the order makes all the difference as well as recognising which pages could be consolidated and where content gaps need filling.

Content is assessed to - keep - optimise - update - improve - remove

Create awareness - blog posts and infographics

Consider - white papers, case studies, webinars, videos

Create loyalty - newsletter, social media, email, mobile, webinars

Grammar for Business Content Audit when should an audit be made
Grammar for Business Content audit specifically include

What does the audit specifically include?

  1.   Is the content helpful and engaging?
  2.   Are there grammar and spelling mistakes?
  3.   Is the content factually correct and up-to-date?
  4.   Are there duplications?  Danger of plagiarism!
  5.   Are there quality keywords and not too many of them?
  6.   Is there a call to action on the landing page?
  7.   Is there a structure for internal links and are there any broken links?
  8.   Is the landing page short, precise and targeting ideal clients?
  9.   Does the site upload at a good speed and is it user-friendly?
  10.   Is the web design responsive, ie mobile-friendly?

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