Are you looking for a business content and copywriter who gets it right first time? Someone who can immediately understand your brand and message, and transform your website and marketing materials with content that gets results?

You’re in the right place.

I’m Barbara Gare, the writer behind Grammar for Business, and my speciality is understanding the needs of every individual business I work with. Whether your main goal is climbing the search engine rankings thanks to your website content, creating a reputation for your business as an authority in your particular field through in-depth white papers, or something else, I can help.

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Whatever I write, I get it right!

With a background in communication, German to English translation, and teaching Business English to high-level German management professionals, I recognise that the importance of business writing goes beyond making a one-off sale.  It’s about building reputation, relationships and credibility, and Grammar for Business can help you do just that.  With 30 years’ experience of helping people with their English in various ways, your business copy and communications will shine like never before.

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